Welcome to Jaytea Whippets
Located on Maryland's Eastern Shore
established 1997

What I believe:

Whippets should be first and foremost, healthy and easy to live with.

They should be able to do what the breed was created to do.
I am striving for multi purpose dogs that can excel in multiple venues.

 Good health and longevity
 Easy to live with temperaments
 Talented in multiple venues
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What I do:

To promote the healthiest dogs possible, I have been feeding a home made raw diet since
January 26, 2002 and follow the
vaccination protocols published by the University of
Pennsylvania Vet School.  I test hearing, eyes, hearts, thyroid and hips on all my dogs, with
the results being submitted to CERF, OFA and the Whippet Health Foundation data base.  All
the dogs in my breeding program have been checked for the myostatin deficiency gene
and results are posted on each dog's web page.  We are also participating in the University
of Wisconsin's Whippet
cardiac study supported by the Whippet Health Foundation.

In order to achieve a multi purpose Whippet, I am learning to handle my dogs in the show
ring, not my favorite thing to do.....   My first love is lure coursing and that's where I'd rather
be on any given day or walking my dogs up the race track.

During the week I attend classes at the
Salisbury Maryland Kennel Club and when my
schedule permits I attend agility classes at the
Blue Heron Agility Dogs of Delaware.  I attend
classes one night a week at the
Canine Training Solutions facility in Easton, MD.  I enjoy
agility, obedience and rally classes, and on 9/8/2012 Aren and I finished the requirements for
Award of Versatility from the American Whippet Club making him the second of my dogs
to achieve this distinction, after Kira having earned hers in 2009.

I've done some agility training with several of my Whippets, and hope to compete sometime in
late 2015.  I took tracking classes with my first Saluki over the winter in 2009, 2010 and 2011
and after her death I took Whippet Hope to tracking class over the winter  of 2012.  I hope to
take more tracking classes in the future with the aim of
trying my hand at earning a TD title at some point.
Flash - The "Last" litter was born on
8//07/2014 and there are five of them.